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ScopeDome Sistema de motorização para o azimute 12v 100W - cúpula de 2m.

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Fabricante: ScopeDome

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Descrição do produto:

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This dome control system was speciifcally designed for the ScopeDome 2M dome range. It is based on the same concept as the 220VAC version for the 3M, 4M and 5,5M domes: Full 100% ASCOM compliance enables dome sync and many, many more advanced functions, necesary for remote observatories.

The main control unit has advanced power management features, that can be used to switch equipment, light, CCD camera's and many more. Next to the standard switching functions are freely programmable relay functions, for state of the art customization. Many more free in- and outputs are availble on both the rotation and shutter control system boxes: RS485 communication, digital and analogue in- and outputs for sensor customization.

Every available function in this system is scriptable, using ScopeDome's prorietary, easy to learn scripting language.

The system runs on 12VDC and can be powered by a car battery, or solar panels. With the optional power supply, it also runs from your local power grid.

Included in the full automation version is a comprehensive sensor suite for in- an outside temperature, humidity and air pressure. ScopeDome's dome control system can also be event driven by a weather station.

The dome rotation motor employs a high resolution encoder system for accurate positioning of the dome. This is very important for precise telescope and dome syncing required in remote observatories. A specially developed electronically regulated heating system keeps both the rotation and shutter motors operational over a wide temperature range. Strong industry-grade DC motors guarantee a long operational life and lasting precision.


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