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Omegon Torba transportowa für Mini Track LX2

Numer produktu: 61625
Marka: Omegon

$ 19,90

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Mini Track LX2 Case: The perfect protection for your mini-mount
For every trip: This is the Mini-Track LX2 mount. It usually develops its strength there, where you are not at home. So you have to take them with you. But how best to transport? In order to protect your mount sufficiently, there is now the Mini Track Carrying Case.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Durable nylon bag for safe transport of your Mini track LX2 or LX2 NS
  • Two more inner pockets: For example, for the Polsucher or Südarm
  • Light padding with 3mm thickness and strong Velcro in the flap
  • Protects your Mini Track LX2 with every transport

Held in black nylon, this quality bag does not just look fancy: when not in action, the MiniTrack feels most comfortable here as well. Because the bag protects with every transport from vibration, dust or dirt.

Strong nylon with strong velcro
The nylon material feels very firm even when touched, it is also water repellent and durable. A Velcro closure provides a firm closure. A special eye-catcher is the pretty embroidery " Omegon Mini Track LX2 "Who would have thought that a mount would fit in such a small bag? Now the next astral trip can come easy.

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