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Omegon Telescope - Product Configurator

Powerful telescopes -individually configured!

With the new Omegon Advanced series we offer you very fast telescopes at very reasonable prices.

The telescopes address both novices, as well as experienced amateur astronomers. Highlight: You can configure your dream telescope individually and thereby fully adapt it to meet your requirements!

It only takes six steps and just a few minutes of your time to configure your telescope and you can directly order it online. Our technical consultants will obviously be available to answer any questions!

  • Price advantage: In the configurator the components are available at prices, which are considerably more attractive than when purchasing individually.

  • Simple to assemble: You no longer have to spend a lot of time assembling your telescope, the effort is not higher than for comparable complete units.

  • Contentment guarantee: Even self-configured telescopes can be returned to us within the standard revocation period. The full purchasing price will then be refunded!

Step 1: Optics

Start by configuring your desired telescope with your choice of optics.

The Omegon Advanced series offers a range of high quality reflector and refractor telescopes: Newtonian telescopes with parabolic mirrors, also Dobsonians, Maksutovs and achromatic refractors.

Select the aperture of the telescope: A 90mm telescope is suitable for getting started with observing the planets . A 127mm or 152mm telescope will show you fantastic detail on planets and opens the door to observing nebulae. While scopes with a 203mm aperture and above are excellent light collectors - so you can also discover distant galaxies.

These telescopes have been selected by our experts and amateur astronomers specially for you. They will make sure that your personal journey into the universe is an amazing experience. And we guarantee they are addictive!

Step 2: Mount

Besides the optics, the mount is the second main component of a telescope.

A good mount is particularly important to keep your observation jitter-free. This is already important for visual observation, but most critical when it comes to astrophotography. The Omegon Advanced series provides two stable mounts to choose from:

The smaller and more compact EQ-300 is ideal for refracting telescopes up to 127mm and for Maksutov and Newtonian OTAs up to 152mm.

The larger EQ-500 can be used with all the OTAs. For larger refractors from 152mm and larger Newtonians from 203mm it is essential.

For friends of computer-controlled GoTo telescopes, we present the StarDiscovery mount from Skywatcher. It is suitable for Newtons up to 152 mm, refractrors up to 102mm as well as all Maksutov optics.

With Dobsonian telescopes the mount - the so-called ‘rocker box’ - is already included with the OTA. So you do not need to select a mount with either of these instruments.

Step 3: Focuser

The focuser is used to adjust the sharpness of the object under observation.

The eyepiece is the connection between the telescope and your eye or camera. The focus knob on the side allows sensitive and sharp focusing of astronomical objects.

With the Advanced Newtonians, you have the choice between two ball-bearing Crayford focusers: a single-speed focuser and a dual-speed focuser with a 1:10 reduction ratio for ultra-precise focusing.

The refractor and Maksutov telescopes already have a focuser – so you don’t need to select anything for these telescopes.

Step 4: Finderscope

With the finderscope, which is mounted on the optical tube, you can quickly and easily find any observation objects in the starry sky.

Aim at the target with the reticle and then watch it in detail through the telescope. Two finder scopes are available, as well as various optical finders in the size of 6x30 and the comfortable and highperfomance variation 9x50. The illuminated version is the highlight: Using the finder is even more simplified through the use of the red crosshair. Each finders are compatible with all optical tubes.

Step 5: Eyepieces

With the eyepieces you can vary the magnification of the telescope.

Eyepieces with high focal lengths are suitable for an overview and for Deep-Sky observations, the once with low focal lengths can be used for watching highly magnified details, e.g. on moon and planets. We offer you a low budget set of beginner’s eyepieces as well as a high-quality set consisting of a 2 inch and a 1.25 inch eyepiece.

If you would like to choose different eyepieces from our product range or you already have eyepieces at hand, you may skip this step when configuring your telescope.

Step 6: Further accessories

Would you like to use your telescope not only visually, but also for astrophotography?

In this case you need a motor for automatic tracking as well as a pole finder for correct telescope pointing. A motor obviously also increases the comfort for visual observations. You can order accessories later at any time, however, in the configurator these articles are available at bargain prices.

Once you have selected a refractor or Maksutov telescope, you will definitely need a diagonal mirror.

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