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Transporttas Padded carrying case for Newtonian telescopes 150/750 (6" f/5)

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Tediously dragging your equipment around will be a thing of the past with this carry case. Thanks to the high-quality material and thick padding, you will be perfectly prepared for your next observation evening.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Protect your equipment from scratches and damage
  • Easily transport equipment with two carrying handles
  • Thick padding provides extra security
  • Splash-proof material gives protection even in wet conditions
  • Small side pockets provide additional storage space

Robust and durable
The carry case is made of robust plastic, which guarantees high durability. Always be on the safe side - even with intensive use.

Fully wrap-around zip for easy handling
Thanks to the fully wrap-around zip, the bag can be opened and closed quickly. It promises that packing your equipment will be much easier.

Thickly padded for extra safety
The bag's thick padding reliably protects your telescope from scratches or bumps. It allows you to safely transport your valuable equipment.

Splash-proof material for outdoor use
Do you have to fight dew at your observation site? It is a common problem for many hobby astronomers. But your equipment will stay dry with the splash-proof carrying case.

Bag can be used as a mat
The bag can be opened completely and then serves as a practical mat. This gives you the added advantage of a clean surface on which you can easily assemble your equipment.

What fits in this bag?
This bag's internal dimensions are L69xW24xH34cm. Simply measure your telescope's dimensions and you'll know if the bag is suitable for your equipment. Sometimes, however, it is also useful to have some examples of which telescopes fit in the bag and which do not.

This telescope fits in the bag:

  • Telescope N 150/750 PDS Explorer BD OTA product number: 19163

These telescopes do not fit in the bag:

  • Ritchey-Chretien Pro RC 254/2000 OTA - Product number: 53811
  • Telescope N 200/1000 PDS Explorer BD OTA product number: 19166
  • Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope SC 279/2800 C11 OTA - Product number: 12232





Uitwendige afmetingen LxBxH (cm)
Interne afmetingen LxBxH (cm)
Foam (mm)
Omegon Transporttas Padded carrying case for Newtonian telescopes 150/750 (6" f/5)
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