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Artikelnummer: 75289

Dobsonian roller bearings 12"

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With this add-on, you'll glide to every celestial object!

Do you get the feeling that tracking with your Dobsonian telescope is more difficult than it should be? Does the friction seem a little too much? An Omegon roller bearing is the perfect solution. This component simplifies the azimuth motion of Dobsonian telescopes and enables easy and smooth tracking of celestial objects.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Flawless positioning: celestial objects can be located smoothly; no more difficulties when locating or tracking.
  • Easy handling: the roller bearing is very easy to install, simply insert it between the base plates - and you're done.
  • The rollers run between two steel plates and ensure uniform motion
  • You could track your telescope using just your little finger - even at high magnification

Our steel roller bearings are available in two versions for small and large Dobsonian telescopes. The contact pressure from your telescope's base plates allows you to easily regulate the running characteristics.

Is this product suitable for you and your observations? There are different views among the observing community: some prefer a little more friction, others prefer butter-smooth navigation - for which ball bearings are renowned. This is exactly what you get with these roller bearings.



Buitendiameter (mm)
Binnendiameter (mm)
Hoogte (mm)
Omegon Dobsonian roller bearings 12"
Omegon Dobsonian roller bearings 12"
Omegon Dobsonian roller bearings 12"
Omegon Dobsonian roller bearings 12"


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