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Omegon Pro 1.25'' LRGB filter set

Product no.: 47296
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Pro 1.25'' LRGB filter set
Omegon Pro 1.25'' LRGB filter set
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Product description:

Omegon pro LRGB filter set - colour filters for use with monochrome CCD cameras

This LRGB filter set allows you to use your monochrome CCD camera to put together high resolution colour images.

Monochrome CCD cameras usually offer higher resolution than colour cameras. But how do you obtain a high quality colour image with them? - you can, using this LRGB filter set which consists of four parts:

  • luminance filter - for the monochrome channel
  • red filter
  • green filter
  • blue filter

The individual images from each of these four filters are combined to produce a higher resolution colour image. That is because each colour channel uses all the pixels on your camera, a very different story from colour cameras.

This set is best used in conjunction with a filter wheel, which allows you to easily change to a new filter after each set of exposures by simply rotating the filter wheel. The result is that, image by image, the components of the final, composite, colour astronomy image are exposed.

The planet Mars, taken using an Omegon Pro LRGB filter set

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