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Prodotto n.: 77051

ToupCam HCAM Handmikroskop, color, CMOS, 2MP, USB

$ 60,00 IVA incl., più spese di spedizione
disponibile in 6-10 settimane + Tempo di trasporto

Descrizione prodotto


  • Portable digital handheld microscope with 2 MP camera
  • Ring lighting with 8 LEDs
  • Optional tripods are also available

HCAM handheld microscope series

The HCAM series USB2.0 portable digital microscopes are easy-to-use microscopes. With magnifications ranging from 10x to 200x in non-linear mode, they are ideal for viewing stamps, coins, bugs, plants, rocks, skin, gems, circuit boards and more. With the higher magnifications you can even view conventional slides.

Best of all, you can capture your discoveries with the built-in 0.35MP, 1.3MP or 2.0MP camera (KPA series) or 0.35MP, 1.3MP, 2.0MP, 3.0MP or 5MP camera (KPB series). Press the shutter button to save images and high-resolution videos directly to your PC. The LED lighting ensures that your images are clear and bright.

The included metal stand ensures steady shots and is especially useful when shooting at higher speeds, as it minimizes blur and keeps the subject in focus.

The ToupTek handheld microscope is a fun and educational tool for teens and adults alike. It is well suited for hobbyists, quality controllers, medical professionals and scientific researchers.

The essential features:

  • Handheld digital microscope with USB power supply and 10x to 200x magnification in non-linear mode;
  • Integrated digital camera with 0.35 MP, 1.3 MP or 2 MP for taking pictures and videos (KPA);
  • Built-in 0.35MP, 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP or 5MP digital camera for image and video recording (KPB);
  • 8 LED ring lights;
  • Use the included Windows software to capture images and videos of your discoveries. Measure your preparations with the integrated measuring tool;
  • Computer Requirements: CD/DVD drive and USB 2.0 port. UVC plug and play with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and XP (32/64 bit).



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ToupTek ToupCam HCAM Handmikroskop, color, CMOS, 2MP, USB
ToupTek ToupCam HCAM Handmikroskop, color, CMOS, 2MP, USB

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