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Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED

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Descrizione prodotto

A new dimension:Omegon Large screen LCD microscope
Immerse yourself in the world of the microcosm with this microscope. The 7 inch LCD screen shows you even the smallest objects in huge size.

No matter whether you are interested in hobby microscopy, aquaristics or botany: This is the perfect device for anyone who is curious and wants to take a close look at the flora and fauna.
And because it's so easy to use, you'll have more time to enjoy your discoveries than fiddle with complicated controls. Experience the world in a whole new way!

The advantages at a glance:

  • With the LCDStar microscope fromOmegon get a clear, sharp image of your sample
  • The large 7 inch LCD screen gives you plenty of viewing space, while the 3 lenses offer a range of magnification options
  • With 3 easily adjustable eyepieces, you can choose magnifications between 200x and 800x
  • Dimmable LED lighting adjustable so you can enjoy preparations in perfect brightness
  • For best sharpness: individually adjustable focus with fine reduction and scale. Focus wheels on both sides, for right and left handed users
  • With the condenser you bring even more contrast into your picture
  • A large XY stage with dual-axis fine adjustment to easily and accurately access any area of your object
  • USB powered with AC adapter

Large 7 inch LCD screen for a better view of your slides
No more guesswork about what you're really seeing: the 7 inch LCD screen brings your preparations to life. From the smallest to the highest magnification, all objects appear crystal clear and rich in contrast. Lean back in the chair and view your discoveries in bright, bright colors and large format: it's almost as if you're looking at the screen of your smartphone or small tablet.

Contrast and color: change the contrast, color or brightness for optimal display.

Measure your preparations: You can easily find out the width and height of the object with a digitally superimposed ruler.

Flip and Rotate : Simply give your object a different view and transform it in four easy steps.

Up close: 200x to 800x magnification
Deeper and deeper: With four lenses and optical magnifications of up to 800x, you can penetrate deep into the world of plants and cells.
With high magnification you can view the individual cells of many plant and animal tissues. Or see smaller structures within the cells, such as B. the cell nucleus. In addition, you may recognize smaller bacteria and other microorganisms. Each cell is a miniature world in itself, containing a complex array that performs a variety of functions. It's amazing what we can learn when we take a closer look at the world around us.

Object table: Plenty of space to move
Thanks to the large and stable sample table and the metal cross table, you can move your slides very sensitively, even at high magnifications. With the "Mobile Stage" you can navigate with one hand in all four possible directions. You can take a closer look at everything and it is impressive how you seem to be floating over the surface of the preparation.

Dimmable LED lighting
The LED illumination and the Abbe condenser below the stage are perfect for anyone who wants an optimally illuminated sample with a unique contrast. LED technology offers a dimmable light that produces a strong and focused beam of light. This gives you more contrast compared to other lighting methods. The Abbe condenser is specially designed to produce brilliant images with more clarity and detail.

transport bag
Simply take your new microscope with you: the high-quality transport bag with a stable inlay makes it possible. This is where you keep your instrument and everything that goes with it. In addition, the bag offers space for additional accessories and samples that you will explore in the future.

Starting made easy
ThatOmegon LCDStar comes with a solid set of basics to get you started right away.

  • Plastic tweezers, pipette and test tube
  • Shrimp Eggs, Sea Salt, Yeast and Color Powder
  • Glass slides and cover sheets
  • Microtome for thin sections
  • Microfiber cloth and 8 cotton swabs
  • Allen key

Further technical data:

  • Screen resolution: 1024x600 pixels

Scope of delivery:

  • microscope
  • Power supply with cable
  • transport bag
  • Accessory starter set



Luce diretta e trasmessa
Tipo di pila
Scala di rappresentazione
10, 20, 40
Tipo di obiettivo
Numero di obiettivo
Obiettiva 1
Obiettivo 2
Obiettivo 3


Schermo LCD
Formato video
16:9, 4:3


Tavolino portaoggetti
Tavolo a croce (con scala Vernier)
Tecnica di fabbricazione
Visione (°)
Messa a fuoco
Movimenti ampi e micrometrici

Accessori raccomandati

Cura & Pulizia (4)

Omegon Kit per la pulizia delle lenti 7 in 1

$ 19,90*

*Tutti i prezzi includono IVA e costi di spedizione.

Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED
Omegon Microscopio Mikroskop LCDStar, 200x-800x, LED

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