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ScopeDome Antrieb für Sternwarten-Kuppel 3m Durchmesser V3 - Rotation

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Marke: ScopeDome

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The most important advantages of a drive:

  • high rotation speed
  • silent work
  • improved durability and reliability of operation
  • soft start
  • simpler drive installment

The use of cogwheel gear enabled to high rotation speed. In addition – by applying the variable frequency drive- control of rotary motor has been improved. On the one hand soft start system enables high telescope position tracking accuracy. On the other hand – thanks to faster full rotary speed - the dome executes long movements shorter. Full revolution of a dome lasts less then 2 minutes. Soft start induces also minimal gear wearing-out. In addition a cog-rim lets to get rid of encoder tape, durability of which was frequently questioned by our clients. Now the encoder works with aluminum cogs of driving rim directly.


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